Restaurant Adventures: Voulez-Vous Être Français?

Today, my family and I went to The Merry Table Crêperie in Portland, Maine.

I feasted on lots of coffee and a nutella-banana crêpe. It was glorious.

Our host was a French woman who spoke to us with a lovely blend of French and English, was very kind, and made sure that we had plenty of time to enjoy our food. She even made me an iced cappuccino, which was not on the menu. The whole restaurant was cozy and quiet, bright and cheery, and the food was fresh and absolutely beautiful.

The restaurant is hidden away in an alley in the Old Port, all cobblestones and a hidden-gem air.

If you want to transport yourself to France for an hour or two, step into The Merry Table and enjoy a sandwich, crêpe, soup, and/or coffee. Prices are in the mid-range, quite worth a little splurge.

P.S. It is the perfect place for a cute date with your sweetie or a casually classy lunch with friends. :)


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