A Perfect Valentine’s Day :)

It wasn’t extravagant. It wasn’t cliché. It was just…perfect. Here’s a photo representation of my wonderful day <3


First, I woke up at 7:30 this morning to finish some Valentine’s Day cupcakes for my Dialects class. My teacher wanted to do something for us and saw pictures of my cupcakes, so she helped me get the materials and I made them! They are a yellow cake with Nutella filling and strawberry buttercream–my signature cupcake. I frosted them to reflect the image of a rose. Everyone enjoyed them and it was so wonderful to see all the smiles and happy bellies. :)

Also, I may or may not have had the frosting for my breakfast…

Next, I spent much of my day in class. But I still found ways to celebrate the joys of the holiday! :D


After class, I picked up the flowers that my Daddy bought me!!! There are no words to express how happy these make me–he gets some for all of his girls every year :) Here’s a picture of the family–I love you guys so much!!

When I got back to my room, I found all kinds of valentines posted on my door. Thanks so much to Tori, Connor, Emily, Jen, and Margaret (not pictured). Emily even gave me a rose (in the previous picture) and jelly beans!!! These made me so happy, you guys probably don’t know just how amazing it was to come home to that <3

Then, I went to the Schwartz and spent 4 hours in the theater!! My true love, I am so glad I have this part of my life, and I treasure every moment I spend among the lights and the amazing people. Also, I got to push lots of buttons and learned the abridged story of Passover. So, that was a productive time, right?

Then, unexpectedly, in the middle of the light focus session, I got a text from Michele (there she is, right there) saying she had had a terrible day and needed some support! As she is one of my best friends, I told her that I would be out in an hour and a half, or she could come hang out until we could talk. She told me she would come over, and after some time, she burst in announcing my name and bearing a rose (in the earlier picture), chocolate-peanut-butter pie, and a beautiful letter!! It turns out there had been no bad day–she just wanted to make me feel special on Valentine’s Day.
It was an amazing surprise and was the perfect way to top off a wonderful day. :)
Lastly, when I got back, I decided to give out some valentines of my own. I didn’t have time to make them too flashy, but I hope they put smiles on a few faces.
I hope you all had amazing Valentine’s Days.
You deserve the very best :)

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