Crumbs Bake Shop vs. Magnolia Bakery

This weekend, my sister and I traveled to NYC to see The Book of Mormon.

It was fantastic.

And along the way, we just so happened to do some cupcake tasting.


Who won?

Here’s a summary of my personal experience.

Overall, both experiences were very good.

It was a difficult decision indeed.

However, if a friend were to ask me which one to go to, if I had to pick one, I would pick…


Magnolia Bakery.



The taste category was very close.

If the competition were based on taste alone, Crumbs might win based on variety, extravagance, and complexity of flavor.


For me, atmosphere and presentation are also incredibly important to any cupcake bakery.

Magnolia presented a classy, cozy atmosphere, a genuinely beautiful example of cupcake art, a feeling of true love for the creation of cupcakes, and of course that simply homemade cupcake taste.

(Also, Magnolia Bakery changes the available flavors everyday, so the more limited variety on any one day  is certainly not a major problem.)

As a side note, Magnolia’s vanilla buttercream tasted almost exactly like my recipe. That was a bizarre experience.


My only big problem at Magnolia was that the woman who served me my cupcake seemed unenthused and didn’t give me the cupcake I asked for—I wanted one with a little daisy, and she gave me sprinkles. Not a huge deal, but customer service is really important to me. The cashier was really nice though, so it sort of balanced out. The cake also could have been a bit more moist, but had such a lovely vanilla taste that I was still happy with it.

Pure vanilla extract is the best smell in the world.

So, although the Crumbs cupcake had a wonderful taste, the shop did not seem to capture the cupcake love and devotion that Magnolia’s did, and it is for that reason that I would dub Magnolia Bakery the winner of this cupcake competition.

However, I can certainly see how there is so much contention concerning the feud, as they are both worthy competitors.

My advice? Try them both and discover for yourself :)

Here’s a picture of the delicious Crumbs cupcake.

And here’s a picture of the beautiful Magnolia’s springtime cupcake.

Happy cupcaking <3


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