Pumpkin Maple Cupcakes

Another wonderful birthday, another batch of cupcakes!

My cousin Lyndsay, who turned 22 yesterday, asked specifically for pumpkin cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting, so that is exactly what I made! These were super easy and a lot of fun.

These are the unfrosted cupcakes. The pumpkin cake recipe was even easier than a box of cake mix, I kid you not. And they were so fragrant and moist, that there could be absolutely no store-bought substitute! Thank you Martha for the recipe! The flavor and texture reminded me very much of Starbucks pumpkin bread, which is a glorious special occasion treat for me, nibbled on with a cup of coffee in the company of friends.

I have also been playing with crayons. I’m a little obsessed actually. Don’t worry about it.

Anywho, next came the maple cream cheese frosting, using the DC Cupcakes recipe. Now, I will tell you that cream cheese frosting freaks me out a little bit. The frosting is always very soft and light, which is great for mouth-feel, but a little scary for piping, as it doesn’t hold it’s shape as easily as a more stiff buttercream. I could add some more powdered sugar I suppose, but the delicate sweetness achieved at recipe completion is difficult to compromise. So my solution, especially in this warm weather, is to pipe quickly, garnish, and get those babies in the fridge. It seems to have worked well enough! And I absolutely ADORED these little Swedish ginger thins for the top. So, so cute.

Eaten with friends and a viewing of Hope Springs? Perfection.

Oh! I also decided on the name of my future cupcake café. That’s under wraps for now though.


Looking forward to the day when I can make cupcakes and do theatre for a living!

Happy Thursday!


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