Tuesday Tidbits: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dear Readers,

A couple tips for you today.

For those of you who are really experienced bakers or just born cookie pros, this probably won’t entice you. However, if you, like me, spent many of your early baking years producing wildly unattractive cookies, moping over crunchy, thin Tollhouse failures, you will understand that every struggling cookie baker needs to be told the following cookie-baking tip:

Take out your cookies before they look ready.

It’s counterintuitive, I know. The traditional Tollhouse recipe says bake for 9 minutes, until the edges are golden. Which is totally right. However, they don’t tell you that the middle is going to look puffed and pretty darn raw. You will be tempted to continue baking them until they look like “normal” cookies. Do not do this. TAKE THEM OUT OF THE OVEN.

That is all. Let them cool for a few minutes on the parchment paper, silpat, whatever. Just take them out and let them cool when the edges are a light golden brown. They will settle and continue cooking a wee bit. And when they have cooled enough to be mobile (so they can cool fully on wire racks), you will have tender, beautiful, lightly golden cookies that still have that soft, melty-ness hours after you take them out of the oven.

And, one other thing. How do bakers make their cookies so perfectly round?

They use an ice cream scoop. A cookie scoop, if you will.

It looks like this (my mom buys them at garage sales for about 25 cents). I prefer sizes smaller than a standard ice cream scoop, but bigger than a 1 tbsp scoop, but really it’s all up to you (the cooking time will change a wee bit depending on how big your scoops are). Scooping will help make your cookies uniform and round. And, frankly, it’s way easier than trying to use spoons.

So go make yourself some dark chocolate chunk cookies like theese and enjoy the soul-warming magic of a chocolate-studded piece of heaven.

With some crazy friends and a pizza? Even better.



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