My Gateway Drug to Chai

There are a couple things in this world that I’ve always wanted to like but have not managed to convince my taste-buds of.

One of them is curry. It’s gotten a bit better, but I still can’t quite get myself to like it.

I also have a really hard time with chai.

So, when I heard of this drink called a “Knuckleball,” which is essentially a fusion of mocha and chai, I was a bit skeptical.

I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised. It was a refreshing and sweet blend of spice and cocoa.

Perhaps my gateway drug to chai?

We shall see.

This lovely drink is available at the Manndible café in Mann Library at Cornell University, but you have to request it specially, as it is not on the menu year-round. I’d already ordered it a couple times in the past year, which is how I managed to get it.

I recommend that you give this local, sustainable café a go–it’s very all-natural/organic and the menu offerings are delightful. Make sure you bring cash though, as there is a $10 minimum for credit cards, and no BRBs are accepted.

Last week I had some chocolate-covered espresso beans. NOM.

Here is the drink I received a couple days ago.

Things got a little crazy with the whipped cream so by the time I dug my way through it I wasn’t able to finish the drink, but it was a lovely treat–next time I think I’ll ask for it half-sweet, with only a bit of whipped cream :)