Vegan Funfetti Cupcakes with Vanilla-Almond ‘Butter’cream

So…it’s been a really long time. Again. I promise I’m not going away–these weeks have just been absolutely insane in nearly every way possible: 1. We just finished an amazing run of Sarah Ruhl’s Melancholy Play–my last show at Cornell. Moop. … Continue reading

Funfetti Cupcakes and Homemade Stained Glass Candy

First order of business: Cupcakes and Showtunes has over 100 Facebook followers! Yay!! You should share the page because, you know, cupcakes and showtunes are cool things. Second order of business: This will probably be the last non-vegan item on … Continue reading

Hundreds and Thousands White Hot Chocolate Cupcake

FOOD Today is a big day! Cupcakes and Showtunes has reached 10,000 hits!!!!! Weeeeeee!!! I’ve been planning the 10,000-iversary cupcake for about a week, and it really turned out just incredibly. Here in the UK and in Australia, the little … Continue reading