Blackberry White Chocolate Mascarpone Tart

Bonjour kiddos. It’s been CRAZY long since I’ve posted. 2 weeks is about a decade in blogger-ville, right? Yeah. Whelp. I’ve been focusing on rehearsals and auditions and fruits and veggies and reading plays and so much. But I’m back … Continue reading

Chubby Hubby Bark

Sometimes I have these moments of clarity when I realize how really bizarre I am. Here I am, this 21-year-old American girl, temporarily transplanted in London,  whose greatest joys are researching pastry, baking cupcakes, and prancing around my kitchen singing … Continue reading

Hundreds and Thousands White Hot Chocolate Cupcake

FOOD Today is a big day! Cupcakes and Showtunes has reached 10,000 hits!!!!! Weeeeeee!!! I’ve been planning the 10,000-iversary cupcake for about a week, and it really turned out just incredibly. Here in the UK and in Australia, the little … Continue reading